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Pressemeldung – 02.04.2020

Social Protection Package

Corona Update of 02/04/2020: The social protection package was drawn up by the Federal Government in order to lessen the social and economical impact on people during the Corona crisis. Among other things, it aims to simplify access to social security payments in accordance with SGB II (Book II of the Social Code)

Social Protection Package

Basic benefits in accordance with SGB II within the social protection package should reach people quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy. This legislative amendment enables in particular those people who can no longer ensure a minimum subsistence level with their income due to the economic effects of COVID-19, to receive financial aid. All employed people who earn no income, or reduced income, during the Corona crisis and are unable to claim for other (primary) aid, can benefit from the social protection package. For example:

·         Self-employed (solo self-employed and small-scale entrepreneurs)

·         Employees

People receiving other state benefits, which are, however, not sufficient to live on (e.g. reduced hours remuneration, unemployment benefit level 1)

Here are the most important amendments:

·         If you apply for benefits in accordance with SGB II from 01/03/2020 to 30/06/2020 (new application) you may keep your savings (assets) for the first six months provided they do not exceed a certain maximum limit. The maximum limits have been increased temporarily.

·         If you submit a new application between 01/03/2020 and 30/06/2020 the actual costs of your rent and heating will be adopted in the first six months.

·         If you already receive benefits and your grant coupon expires between 31/03/2020 and 30/08/2020 we will automatically extend the grant for you. You do not need to submit an application for benefits to be granted further.

Award of benefits

Information on new applications

If you wish to send in a new application for benefits in accordance with SGB II, please call us or send us an email. We will contact you promptly (on the same day, or next day at the latest) and discuss the further procedure with you. You no longer need to come into the office in person to identify yourself. We will send you all the necessary application documents by post and call you for two detailed consultations over the phone. It is important that we can reach you via the contact information you give us. The telephone consultation appointments in particular are very important in order to quickly process your application, so we urge you to keep them.

Application forms have also been simplified in the course of the social protection package. Please only use the options described below to submit an application or send in documents. The e-service of the Federal Labour Office is not available for customers of the Wuppertal Jobcenter.

Information on further granting of Benefits

If your grant coupon expires between 31/03/2020 and 30/08/2020 you do not need to apply for benefits to be granted further. Your current application will continue to be valid. You will receive the relevant grant notification in due time, as usual.

If, however, there has been a change to your personal and/or financial situation then please inform us as quickly as possible. Feel free to call us or send us an email.

Information on emergencies

If you find yourself in an unavoidable emergency situation, then please call us. Together, we will find a solution. If necessary, we can facilitate a short personal visit in the Office.

Please stay at home!

The Federal Chancellor has sent out an urgent plea: “The situation is serious! So take it seriously! Please stay at home!” The Jobcenter wishes to join this appeal. We find ourselves in an unprecedented, exceptional situation. The health of many thousands of people is in danger. Every one of us, the whole of our society and every institution must contribute to slowing down the pandemic.

The Wuppertal Jobcenter is taking this responsibility seriously and is changing its procedures and operations in such a way that you can deal with everything from home. We have cancelled all appointments. This doesn’t put you and others in danger by, for example, using public transport in order to visit us and you will have no unnecessary contact with others.

We also have to protect our employees. Most Jobcenter employees are working from home where you can contact them. For, even if our offices are closed to the public, our services have not ceased. We have only adjusted them somewhat - in view of the current situation - in order to protect your health and that of our employees.

Our top priority continues to be the reliable payment of your benefits under SGB II (Social Code, Book 2)!

Ihre Kontaktmöglichkeiten


Please submit all applications, supporting documents or letters by email where possible. Please use the email address of the respective office (see below) and not that of your contact person. If employees fall ill, we won’t be able to take care of your issue. You can, for example, take a photo of any supporting documents required with your mobile. Please make sure that the documents you send are legible and of good quality. Our electronic filing system can only process files in PDF and JPEG format. In order to avoid delays, please submit documents in the file formats specified. Here, you can download many of the application forms which , you can send us as a file once you filled them out.

Hier finden Sie viele Anträge zum Download.

Hier finden Sie die E-Mail-Adresse und Service-Hotline Ihrer Geschäftsstelle


Naturally, you can continue to send us your documents by post or post them in person through the letter box of the respective office. However, please only use this method if you are not able to submit documents in digital form, i.e. per email. Documents arriving in paper form cannot be processed as quickly as digital post, since the documents need to be scanned in first. Please understand that we can no longer accept post in person. For your own safety and the protection of our employees, we are avoiding any unnecessary personal contact.

Contact by telephone

We are at your service via telephone. Any consultation which would have taken place in person before - regardless of whether it be in the entrance area when handing in a new application or about your professional situation - has now been fully replaced by consultations over the telephone. We have extended our contact hours and capacities for you. You can reach us during the usual office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday between 8.30a.m. and 4p.m. On Thursdays, we can be reached by telephone until 5.30p.m and on Fridays until 12.30p.m.

Please find below the telephone numbers of your contact person.

If, due to an increase of incoming calls, you can’t reach us right away, we will call you back the next working day at the latest. You can be sure of that.

You can also call our hotline at 0202-747630.

Integration into the labour market

Public life in Germany has been severely restricted and in some areas has come to a standstill. Schools and kindergartens have closed, all events been cancelled and many shops, restaurants and leisure facilities remain shut.

There are no consultation appointments for integration into the labour market and no group events taking place. We cancelled most appointments. If you still have an appointment at the Jobcenter or with sponsors you do not need to come. Cancellation of appointments on your part is not necessary.

If it is you that needs a consultation, please do contact us. We are happy to advise and support you in all questions regarding work and training.

Measures and employment matters

At the moment, there are no labour market measures being taken nor employment matters being taken up. You can contact sponsors who are happy to advise you over the telephone where required.

This will not affect you in a negative sway!

Rehabilitation agreements


Please don’t worry if you currently don’t have a valid rehabilitation agreement. A valid rehabilitation agreement is not a prerequisite for payment of basic unemployment benefit. Your rehabilitation officer will contact you as soon as you need a new rehabilitation agreement.

We will call you!

We will contact you in the next few days by telephone or in writing.

We will inform you about the current situation and compare your contact details. This is important so that we can inform you at any time at short notice about current developments.

Your benefit payments are absolutely guaranteed!

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