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Meldung 14.09.2021

Corona update: a summary of the most important information

Status 09.09.2021: Here are some updates and an overview of the most important issues relating to basic financial support according to SGB II in the Wuppertal Jobcenter during the Corona crisis.

More personal consultation possible again

At the Job centre, appointments in the entrance areas are once again easier to make. The existing offer for personal counselling sessions will also be significantly increased. 

We are pleased that we will gradually be able to offer our customers the usual personal consultation appointments on site again. This applies to both benefit plans and professional queries.

Of course, we will also maintain our telephone and written counselling services.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to:

If you would like to talk to us, please make an appointment in advance. You can do this by phone, email, post or in person - making the appointment directly in the Job Centre. Due to the current legal pandemic rules, access is scheduled.  The usual hygiene and distance regulations shall apply. This includes the mandatory wearing of a medical mouth-nose mask or FFP2-mask in all premises of the Job Centre. In addition, we recommend that you take a free rapid antigen test at one of the numerous rapid test centres prior to your visit.

We will try to accommodate your appointment requests promptly, but ask for your understanding if this is not always immediately possible due to the limited counselling contingent. Please arrive on time for your appointment; this will make it easier for us and you to ensure a smooth process.

Your contact options - how to reach us.

You can contact us personally, by telephone, by e-mail, by fax and by post. Please note the following important information:

Contact by telephone

We continue to maintain our telephone and written counselling services with the extended availability of hours and resources

We have extended our contact hours and capacities for you. You can reach us during the usual office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday between 8.30 am and 4 pm. On Thursdays, we can be reached by telephone until 5.30 pm and on Fridays until 12.30 pm.

If possible, only call the person who is responsible for you. The telephone extension number is stated on your notification or here (Öffnet in einem neuen Tab). Also, every office can be reached via the hotline (see below). You can also call our central Jobcenter hotline on 0202-747630.


Of course, you can continue to send us your documents by post or post them in person through the letter box of the respective office. We would ask you to please refrain from using staples, adhesive notepaper or placing the documents in transparent folders. This helps us scan the paper post more efficiently.

Important information: The time it takes to process post is currently high (up to 10 days). 

Here are the contact data for your office

Financial support

Financial support

Simplified access to financial support in the SGB II

Regulations that facilitate access to basic financial support pursuant to SGB II (Social Security Package) were introduced to mitigate the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. These came into effect in March 2020 and were extended to 31.12.2021. 

The regulations at a glance:

  • In the case of new applications for support pursuant to the SGB II, assets (savings) are protected, if they do not exceed maximum levels. The maximum limits have been increased temporarily.
  • Recognition of the costs for accommodation and heating totalling the actual costs for the first six months after submission of the application without further adequacy investigation.

Information on new applications

If you would like to file a new application for benefits under SGB II, please call or write us or come by in person during regular office hours. Then, you will immediately receive an appointment, in which you will be handed all the necessary documents and the further procedure will be explained. If required, all necessary application documents will also be sent to you by post. It is important that we can reach you via the contact information you have given. In particular, the agreed consultation appointment is very important for a quickly processing of the application, so we urge you to keep them.

If you prefer to apply for unemployment benefit II at home on your computer, you can do that as well.

Information on further granting of benefits

If you already receive financial support from the Jobcenter and your approval phase ends in the next few months, you will need to submit a continuation authorisation application. The respective application form for the continuation of financial support will be sent to you by post in good time before the expiry of the approval period.  However, you can download this form from our homepage and print it out or take it with you from our offices.

Information on emergencies

If you find yourself in an unavoidable emergency, please contact us. We will find a solution together with you.   

Integration into the labour market

Help for your professional situation

Our consultation services on issues related to education, work and vocational qualification were primarily conducted by telephone during the period of surging Corona cases in order to keep in-person contacts and the associated risks of contagion to a minimum.  

By expanding our occupational safety and hygiene concept, we are again extending our personal advisory services. We are therefore pleased to arrange "on-site" appointments with you, just like the old days, to discuss your particular work situation. 

We make sure that strict hygiene and safety rules are adhered to during all personal visits - in your interest and in the interest of our staff.

Be it by telephone or in person, the main focus of every conversation for us is to offer you the right support and consultation services, because we want to accompany you into the world of work and help you find employment that is right for you and your current situation.

Visit by appointment only and be sure to wear an FFP2 mask or a medical mask

To control the number of visitors precisely, personal visits are only possible by prior appointment. Also, you are required to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose in face-to-face meetings.  FFP2 mask or a medical mask.

Rehabilitation agreements

Please don’t worry if you currently don’t have a valid rehabilitation agreement. A valid rehabilitation agreement is not a prerequisite for payment of basic unemployment benefit. Your rehabilitation officer will contact you as soon as you need a new rehabilitation agreement.

Rehabilitation measures and work opportunities

To offer our customers the best possible support for their current situations, we at the Wuppertal Jobcenter have always offered a range of services and work opportunities that serve the public interest.

The Corona pandemic also had an impact on these services from the beginning. Thus, the work opportunities were closed during the period of lockdowns and during the phases of rising cases in order to avoid any unnecessary in-person contact. Our rehabilitation agencies, on the other hand, maintained their support services in an alternative form during this period and switched relatively quickly to telephone, postal and digital support. 

Due to adapted hygiene concepts, our providers have now resumed attendance operations.

This means that our diverse support services are now almost back in full operation - albeit with a few minor changes. 

As a matter of principle, the health of our customers and cooperation partners remains our top priority!

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